Prayer Calendar

By far, prayer is THE most important element of VBS.  Please join our prayer team in these focused prayer items over the next few weeks.   

Weekly prayer focus pre VBS
  • Week of May 22nd – As we near the two months out mark, Seek God’s will for VBS 2019 & for His Spirit to lead in it’s implementation.
  • Week of May 29th – Pray over all the coordinators that they will have clarity of purpose in decision making for their area of service.
  • Week of June 12th – Ask God to provide all the needed personnel to create an inviting, fun, and safe environment for the children of our community.
  • Week of June 19th – Pray for the Lord to provide all needed donations for our crafts, snacks, games and staff.
  • Week of June 26th – We are one month away from VBS. Pray that God will breathe life into the hearts of the families who will send children to our VBS program.
  • Week of July 3rd – Pray that the Lord will help our teachers and group guides to learn their lesson material and be well equipped and confident in sharing the Word.
  • Week of July 10th – Pray that the Lord will bring many children to our VBS program so they can hear the gospel.
  • Week of July 17th – Pray that the Lord will use this VBS program to draw children to Himself.
Daily Focus During VBS
  • Coming Soon
Post VBS Prayer Focus
  • Continue in prayer following VBS for the children who came, that God will continue to work in their hearts and minds to teach them, how as a child of God they can put on the full armor of God in Christ to protect them from all evil and draw them closer and closer to God.
  • Pray for families to desire to return to learn more of God through His Word and that lost souls will be saved and God will be glorified in and through this year’s VBS outreach endeavor.