Tornado Preparedness Plan

Tornado Preparedness Plan

Designated tornado safe areas, within our building, have been identified in partnership with local fire and police authorities.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our tornado safe plan posted throughout the building.  With tornado season upon us it is important for everyone to be aware of safe places inside our building.  

In the event of a tornado, please find your way to a designated tornado safe area.  The map provided recommends specific areas for you to go based on your current location within the building.  This recommendation will help distribute people across several tornado safe areas instead of overcrowding a few areas.

Attention Parents, Guardians, and Sunday School Teachers:

In the event of a tornado during a church event, specifically when children and students are apart from their parent or guardian in their own classrooms, children and students will be taken, by their Sunday School teacher, to the designated safe area for their specific classroom.  If a parent believes he or she has time to collect their child before emergency strikes, a parent MUST sign out his/her child by signing the emergency attendance and release list with the classroom teacher.  Unless a child has been correctly signed out by a parent or guardian first responders will be instructed to assume all children will be in their designated safe areas with their Sunday school teachers.

This affects children and students from nursery through grade 12.  No child or student will be allowed to leave their designated tornado safe area without a parent or guardian signing him or her out.