Family Advent 2022

Wonders of His Love

Families are encouraged to spend quality time in God’s Word this Christmas season — and year round. “Wonders of His Love” is our recommended Advent devotional guide for 2022. Books may be purchased at the check-in desk in The Grove or by reserving your book* online at the link below.

About “Wonders of His Love”

Advent is the perfect time for families to gather together and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Using pictures of Jesus from Isaiah’s prophecies ―the Light, the Branch, the Shepherd, and the Savior― brings to life the true meaning of Christmas.

Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, God spoke to his people through the prophet Isaiah, promising them a Savior. To communicate God’s message, Isaiah used striking, stunning, and surprising imagery ―the “wonders” of his love! Isaiah pointed God’s people to the future, when one day, through his birth, death, and resurrection, Jesus would deliver his people from sin and sorrow forever.

Perfect for busy families with younger children, each week of Advent focuses on one of Isaiah’s images and has readings related to the week’s theme―Jesus the Light; Jesus the Branch; Jesus the Shepherd; Jesus the Savior ―and, on Christmas Day, Jesus the Bread. Each week also includes fun stories, discussion questions, crafts, recipes, games, and suggestions for family service projects.

Illustrated by Jeremy Slagle, this four-week devotional will draw families closer to Jesus and to each other.

*Books are $10 in-person, or you can give $12 online via our online giving.