Fall Banquet

Senior Citizens

Fall Banquet

November 10, 2022

Mark your calendar for November 10.  We are excited to host a fall banquet meal for the senior citizens in our community.  Instead of an in-person banquet, however, our meal will once again be a drive through carry out dinner.  

A physical ticket is required to pick up a meal.  Reservations will NOT be taken over the phone or online.  Rather, a person should stop by our main office (Door A) Wednesday through Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to register and pick up a ticket (or group of tickets). Tickets may also be picked up on Sunday mornings after each service in the Fellowship Hall.

The last day to register for this event is Friday November 4 (1 p.m.).  Meal pick up will be on November 10 between the hours of 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.  You MUST present your meal ticket to pick up your meal.


  • Why do I need a meal ticket? We had a few logistical issues in the past that we are trying to avoid. We want your experience to be as smooth as possible.  So, we need you to pick up a meal ticket so we can get you through the line faster so your food will be hot when you get home.
  • Can someone else pick up my meal ticket for me? Yes! Your representative will just need to know your name, email and/or phone number.
  • Can I pick up meal tickets for my friends? Yes! You will just need to know how many meals they need for their household, their name, email and/or phone number.
  • Can I just show up on the day of the meal? No, tickets must be picked up by Friday, November 4th. We need our final number the week before so that we can prepare the correct amount of food.
  • On Nov. 10 can someone else pick up my food for me? Sure! Your representative MUST have your meal ticket with them to pick up your meal.  No ticket, no meal.
  • What if I have dietary restrictions? All the meals will be identical to keep the process moving efficiently.
  • What is the Last Day to Reserve a Meal Ticket? November 4, 1 pm.