Kids Life | Brand New!

“Praise & Play”

Hey, Kids (and parents)! I’m so excited to relaunch KidsLife! It has been waaaaaay too long, hasn’t it?! KidsLife is a life group tailored specifically for children in grades 1-5. Why should the adults get all the fun of a Life Group? With this relaunch I’m excited to announce a new format that I’m calling Praise & Play. (Details are below) Plan to hang out with your friends and me every Wednesday evening during KidsLife. Oh, and invite a new friend. If you or your family have any questions please reach out to me.

Joy and Peace to You,
Mrs. Mindy

WHO: Children in grades 1-5

WHEN: Wednesday evenings 5:30-7:30p

WHERE: The Grove @ Lowell Church of Christ (Door F)

WHY: Because a Kid’s life needs to overflow with PRAISE for our Creator King and PLAY alongside close friends of the faith.

Our brand new format offers opportunities for children to engage in activities they love most. From music and arts to high energy games, we have your kiddo covered.

When a child attends Kids Life he or she has the opportunity to be part of PRAISE or PLAY or PRAISE & PLAY. See the descriptions below for drop off and pick up times.

Kids Life PRAISE [ 5:30-7:00 ]

Under the direction of Mrs. Shedd — Worship Director at LCOC — and Mrs. Mindy, our children will practice and store in their hearts praise music sung in “Big Church.” From time to time our Kids Life PRAISE team will be invited to sing during “Big Church” services and/or special events.

Drop off (Door A Open) 5:20-5:35
Pick up (Door F) 7:00

Kids Life PLAY [ 6:00-7:30 ]

Who loves game time?! We will play some high energy games as we laugh and encourage each other. (Psst… coming this fall to Kids Life PLAY: Upward Sports Volleyball!!)

Drop off (Door A Open) 5:50-6:05
Pick up (Door F) 7:30

Kids Life PRAISE & PLAY [ 5:30-7:30 ]

Everyone is welcome stay for both PRAISE & PLAY. Children who wish to participate in both our Kids Life praise team and our high energy games can do so by arriving at 5:30 and staying through 7 p.m.

Drop off (Door A Open) 5:20-5:35
Pick up (Door F) 7:30

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