Aid for Ukrainian Refugees

Looking for a secure place to donate toward the care of Ukrainian refugees?

Our church has a history of partnering with IDES (International Disaster & Emergency Service). IDES currently has direct links to refugees in neighboring countries and on the ground in Ukraine. To learn more about how they are a part of Ukrainian relief efforts click the links below.

**Please note, the “give now” button takes you to IDES secure giving site.**

We also recommend their 31 days of prayer and fasting for Ukraine. We serve the one and only God forever sovereign. Our hope, the hope of Ukraine, and the hope of all the world is solely in Him. Join us in a focused prayer effort over the nation of and crisis in Ukraine.

From IDES Urgent Donation Request Letter:

“IDES is working with multiple partners providing help to Ukrainian refugees. Our partners in Poland, Moldova, and Romania are providing shelter to over 1,000 refugees in Christian Camps and church buildings. We are also providing food, water, and supplies for the refugee camps in these countries.

 IDES is committing hundreds of thousands of dollars in aid, and needs your help to continue this work. Our church has the opportunity to help provide food, water, supplies, shelter, clothes, bedding and so much more to the women and children being cared for physically and witnessed to spiritually. “