New Student Life Series

Another Christmas is almost here, along with the annual onslaught of Christmas music, movies, lights, shopping lists, ads, and inflatable lawn ornaments. We all know the Christmas season is supposed to be about generosity, family, and celebrating the gift of Jesus . . . but to be honest — how much of your Christmas holiday is actually spent thinking about yourself and what you want? Since we’re all familiar with this selfishness struggle, this 4-week series will take us back to the very first Christmas — a day that was only possible because of the selflessness, generosity, and sacrifice of God and God’s people. On the first Christmas, Mary
and Joseph gave up their comfort, the shepherds gave their stories, the wise men gave their worship, and God gave everything.

So this Christmas, what will you give in response?

Student Life meets on Sunday nights for teens in grades 6-12. 6-8 p.m. Enter through door A.