Family Advent

The first Sunday of Advent is November 28. Each year we provide an idea for your family to use as a tool to bring glory to the Christ Child, our Savior. This year our suggested family advent book is from DoorPost Songs (personal aside, I love their songs and use some of them in Jr. Worship with our kids).

Beginning now you can reserve a copy for your family. The books will arrive before November 28 and will be available for pick up at the check in counter.

The Unto Us album and companion Advent Family Worship Guide are designed to help you open God’s Word with your family and celebrate Christmas in a brand new way. The CD includes ten Christmas-themed Scripture songs, and the Family Worship Guide includes ten worship moments. All you need is fifteen minutes each week to create intentional moments of worship and discipleship with your family and create an unforgettable Christmas experience.

The first five worship moments in this guide are designed around the season of Advent, one for each week of Advent and one for Christmas Day (or Christmas Eve). The fourth Sunday of Advent is always the last Sunday before Christmas, so to figure out the four weeks of Advent, just count backwards from there.

[2021: Week 1, November 28; Week 2, December 4; Week 3, December 11; Week 5, December 18; +Christmas Eve]

Consider lighting an Advent wreath as a family each time you use one of the family worship moments. If you’re unfamiliar, an Advent wreath includes four candles plus a fifth central candle. The four outer candles typically represent hope, joy, love, and peace, and the fifth is called the Christ candle. The outer candles are lit successively during the four weeks of Advent, first one, then two, three, and finally all four. The fifth candle is lit on Christmas (or Christmas Eve, as many churches do).

Each family worship moment in this guide is a template for a fifteen-minute time of worship and discipleship based around one song from the Doorpost Songs Unto Us album. Each worship moment includes a passage of scripture to read, a memory verse to learn, lyrics to the song, a short devotional in a writing style
designed for your children, discussion questions, and even suggested prayer topics.

The additional family worship moments could be used however your family sees fit. Perhaps you would like to add a midweek family worship time. Or, maybe you will use these additional worship moments to jumpstart your new year. Whatever you choose, we sincerely hope that your family will begin a new journey of worshipping our Lord together.


Simply, Advent comes from a Latin word that means “coming.” So, during Advent, individuals and families anticipate and wait for the coming Messiah whose birth we celebrate at Christmastime.  Some families celebrate using candles. This tradition marks off the four Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday, a new candle is lit as the family reflects on the coming Messiah.  This is one thing my that my (Mrs. Mindy) family did each year growing up.  Something about candlelight makes the moment so much more meaningful and special.

Another tradition is an Advent calendar. This, too, was a tradition in my childhood home. We had a homemade advent calendar on which we moved a star closer and closer to the manger, day by day. Today, Advent calendars come in many shapes and sizes. The important thing to remember is we want to point our children to Jesus.

This year, our suggested family devotional introduces us to the Advent tradition called the Jesse Tree. The Jesse Tree springs from the Bible verse prophesying that the Messiah will grow out of the “stump of Jesse.” So, the Jesse Tree follows the thread of the promised Savior from the creation of the world to the cradle in Bethlehem.